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    It is heart breaking to see that so many of you have sick or injured fowl. I too have been there and it feels terrible to be in a situation where you don't know what to do and where to turn. There are some really informative, educated people here that give their own time to help with diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures. I personally want to thank them all for the time they devote. With that said, I do ask that we all help them, help us. Please read the "Sticky" post at the top before you post your symptoms.

    This will help insure that your post is read and will give all the info needed for someone to help you thoroughly. There is also great info in the other sticky that covers illnesses and vet info. As a chicken owner, it is our responsibility to know or find out where Avian vets are located and to also learn all we can about the diseases that can affect our fuzzy-butt friends.

    I would also like to ask that if you do present an illness and you get a vet's diagnosis or a necropsy done, please come back and update your post. It will help others with the same disease know what their options are. It's a small step to repay the help that you received.

    I am not posting this to step on anyone's toes so I hope it offends no one that I posted this. I just hate seeing so many posts getting lost in the pages when there is info already there that may help you.

    Thank you to all that read this..Good luck to all of you with sickness and may all your fowl be healthy and happy! Please keep posting and learning all that you can. I know I spend more hours a day here on this site than any other on the web!
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    Agree with you 100% and a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful BYC members who have given advice and help with regard to illness and injury!

    When someone posts a problem and receives advice, it would be so very helpful if the original poster would come back and post an UPDATE to say if the advice worked, if the problem was resolved, and how things ended. Several times I've tried to research a situation only to find that there was no follow up so I had no way of knowing if the advice was appropriate for the problem or how things worked out. So, I have to start yet another thread to ask a question that has been asked before because I don't know the end result.

    However, I am thankful for any and all information offered here. I've learned a lot and it's helped me many, many times.

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