HELP: Three of my little chicks vents are pecked bloody


Oct 1, 2011

I got two Araucana's chicks (day old) a little over a week ago. I added 4 Barred Rock day old chicks the following Wednesday. So the chicks were only about 3 or 4 days apart in age.
I was a bit concerned with adding 4 to the 2 I already had but since the newer chicks were smaller I thought I'd be ok.
Well yesterday, one week from getting the Araucana's the chicks were very restless and peeping allot. So I went to see what was going on (they are in the house in a tub) and one of the Barred Rocks was pecking the vents of the other chicks. The two Araucana's were particularly damaged and only one of the other Rocks had some damage but not too bad.

Let's just say the naughty chicken isn't around anymore.

I have been rinsing the vents on a regular basis and used some Rooster Booster PICK-NO-MORE Cover Up Lotion on the vents for the first 32 hours or so.

I stopped using the pick no more lotion because it seemed to be matting up the feathers and I was concerned it would block the vents and they wouldn't be able to poop.

They are getting better 'mostly' except one. The vent is not prolapsed but is poking out, it looks swollen. This chick is also having a hard time pooping. It squats and seems to be straining and when I pick it up to look at it the poop doesn't look like it has come all the way out and is just hanging there. If I gently squeeze the area I will get some more poop out.

Ok so here's my questions... Should I just leave well enough alone? Am I doing too much? Is there anything else I can do? I read in another post that Preparation H was used on swollen vents but that was on a post with chicks 6-8 weeks. My little girls are not even 2 weeks.

I'm concerned this poor little girl has something internal that I can't quite see and will have trouble laying eggs later. Everyone seems to be eating and drinking ok.

I wouldn't normally be too concerned but this little chick belong to my grand daughter and it is a very sweet chick. I don't want to see anything happen to her if I can help it. But I don't want her to suffer either.

I've inserted a couple of pictures hope they're not too gross.

Worried Grandma
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