Help to sex 8 week old Barred Rock chicks please- newbie here


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Do I have 3 roos and 1 pullet? Oddly enough this one with the smallest comb is the largest, has new fuzzy neck feathers coming in. The first week, using the head spot and color of legs to sex, it appeared I have 3 roos and 1 pullet.

Help please!

The one with the reddest comb and wattles. This small barred rock has tail feathers that point straight up. I believe it is a small roo?


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Thanks Nikki! Can you look at the first pic at the 2 barred rocks on the left? They have combs and wattles but just pink at this point. The one on the right back is my pullet I'm pretty sure. Yellow very small comb and no wattles yet. I'm so excited to get your help! Angie

Jacob Temple

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Apr 13, 2012
well there are ways to tell first hens are darker than roosters and if you have a group normally the physical differences can help you also you can sex them as so as they are born but thats another story


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Mar 29, 2012
I would like to see a photo of the one on the bottom left...
How I tell them apart is comb and feathering. I find the grey feet are not always a tell all. With a black sex link yes (dark beak, dark legs, dark everything).
So I just use the stuff that more accurate like the comb, and the colour of the feathers.At that age the combs start growing in and turning red, that's a sign of cockerel. Also these will have whiter don't look at the quantity of white but quality. The pullets' white will be more greyish white...hence they look darker.
So 2 roos, and 1 hen...and the other I can't tell from the picture.

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