Help tumor? 6 wk old female B. O.


13 Years
Aug 8, 2009
I was checking my 6 week old chicks and noticed that one of the buff orphingtons has a large ping pong ball sized growth under the skin. It is on the right side of her body on the outer breast near the joint of her wing. It feels firm to the touch and there is no inflammation on the surface of the skin. The chicks were vaccinated for Marek's and are still on medicated chick feed. Wondering what I should do.... would there be any reason to isolate her? She seems perfectly healthy otherwise, is this something I should just keep an eye on? Not sure the ramifications of a tumor in a chick. Any input would be appreciated.
Not to be cruel but I fear it is mareks
some chicks fail to assemilate the vaccine
thus they can be proned to mareks and sluff off dander that is mareks filled
this will not hurt the chicks that took the vaccine but if you have any other chickens not vaccinated it will hurt them

also you could take it to the vet and have a biopsy done to see if it is mareks or a fatty tumor.

personally I would dispose of it as it may cost you more chickens in the end.

email me some questions if I can help in any way

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