Help Turkey attacked my chick!

Mariella posey

Apr 29, 2020
My silkie chick likes to get out of her pen and free range but today one of my young tukeys tried to kill her! I found him pecking the back of her head and shaking it like he was trying to tear apiece off!
Funky chicken is listless and can't stand or keep her head up! Is there ANYTHING I can do to help her? I have her best friend Bean with her, and Bean is surprisingly just staying with Funky.
Funky is Super sweet and comes running when she sees me. She is my profile pic.


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If she isn't interested in eating or drinking I wouldn't force her. just keep both close by her. If she doesn't seem coherent she maybe in shock, so just keeping her quiet and inside so you can keep a close eye on her. Having Bean in with her as long as he isn't pestering her is good because he/she may get her up and motivated to eat soon.
If you have electrolytes that would be good to put into her water.
Poor baby did he get her on her vault? I'm having a hard time figuring out where this injury is. Maybe a cool washcloth on this area to help with swelling like we do when we have swelling on our body or a headache?
Vault? The lump her hat grows out of? Yes he was trying to tear her hat off. I have a spearment gell that is for swelling could I use that?
Bean is super calm right now, she's just laying with funky.


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The only time she really moves at all is when I readjust her. She started feeling cold so I put a hot water bottle near her. She will make a swallowing motion every so offten, there isn't anything in her mouth or throat.

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