HELP! URGENT! Coot/Moorhen eggs! How to incubate?

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    May 15, 2016
    There is a lake in my garden and lots of ducks, coots and moorhens have settled to breed. There are around 12 mallard ducklings already, which have been adopted by a coot funnily enough. They are living on a floating duck house we got a few years ago. The mother duck keeps going back there to try and feed her brood, and lay more eggs, but the coot chases her away each time.
    There are about eight broken duck eggs on the lawn, some with their yolks inside, because of the huge amount of foxes and minks around, I'm sure it was them who ate the eggs. A few days ago she laid an egg on the lawn but abandoned it. I saw a fox near by and took the egg. I have all the proper incubation equipment, including egg candlers ect. as well as heat lamps for when it hatches, because I hatched 6 eggs last year and raised them, they now live on the lake.
    Anyway, I put the duck egg in on all the right settings, but today I came across two abandoned coot eggs in the middle of the lawn, I wasn't sure whether to take them but my dog almost went for them, so I did. I candled them and they seem to be developing quite well, couldn't be sure of how far along they were, but there was a mass on the inside and the bubble of oxygen seemed medium sized.
    Can I incubate them with my duck egg? Can they be hand raised? What temperature and turn setting do they need? How long should they take to hatch? I can go and take pictured if required. Thankyou!!

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