Help w/temp issues in my Hova Bator 1588!


11 Years
Apr 30, 2008
SF Bay Area - Danville
OK, I've been having some issues with the temp in my Hova 1588.

Days 1-18 with the egg turner IN, i could barely keep the temp at 99. The humidity for days 1-18 was hovering around 55%. (I don't want to start a humidity debate though!) I candled last night and things look good in the eggies.

I took the turner out last night in preparation for hatch day. Now that the turner is OUT, the temp is holding steady at 101.1??? Humidity is up to about 64%. Is that why the temp is up? I don't mean to sound like a dummy, but science was never my strong area. When I added water, it was warm to hot. Could this be the reason?

What gives? Why is is so much warmer with the turner out?
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