HELP!! Water Fits with water fowl peeps

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  1. I have had nothing but bad luck with water fowl this year including Goslings. Every time I give them water specially new water, which they have access too 24/7 and all the feed they want not even 10 mins after the fresh water I have at least 2 having water fits. I am using Purina Flock Raiser I switched to this year and it still hasn't stopped it, before we were using flock broiler feed with 22% protein which is what we have always used until this year with the fits. Never before this year have we had any issues with health with the feed, but this year we seem cursed.

    We hatched our first birds back in February and out of those we have 3 from that clutch of 9 left. 1 of those three is so stunted at 3 months old she is smaller than my month old Harlequin we got from a hatchery. The other two have had no issues whatsoever, they were first on the Broiler feed then switched to Purina and HATE IT, never in my life have I seen birds stick their noses er bills up to feed like this one, I have to mask the flavor because they will not eat it dry or wet.

    We got goslings back in the month of March, we were sent 9 mixed hatchery goslings out of those 9 we are down to 3 only due to same issues as with the ducklings. We brooded them in different parts of the house one set upstairs the other downstairs, all watering bowls and feeders were washed weekly to keep slime away because every water fowl owner knows they spit up their food and it reeks after a while. We were advised at this point to change our feed from the broiler to purina flock raiser which is $5+ more expensive than the broiler feed, same ingredients but the broiler is better in every stat even being non-medicated same as the flock raiser.

    With the fits we have lost a total of 6 goslings, 6 ducklings from orginial hatch, 4 pekins from tsc, 1 appleyard from tsc. And now my completely healthy Mallard ducklings one of them is having the same issue I have not a clue what is going on with my birds and it is scaring me to death.

    Temps are spot on, nice days in the 80s the goslings go out in a grass run with shade, water and food, ducklings get outside time as well but not as long. Old ducklings are outside already fully feathered and starting their see no touch for the main flock, except for the stunted one.

    If anyone has any clue as to what might be happening to my fowl please speak up I need major help so I do not lose any more.
  2. update the one mallard that was fine started having the fits and died instantly. I am purchasing the mareks vac here soon. I dont know if that is the cause but I want to make sure I do not lose any more animals
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    Can you post pics or videos of what is going on, I have never heard of Water fits.

    I am so sorry about the Mallard.
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    I have seen this and I was able to stop them by giving warm water (~102° F).
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    Can water fowl contact Mareks I tried to find the answer on line but looked like everything was about chickens
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    I don't think they can.
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  8. I cant get a video, the one has now stopped but she is crying for the lost one.
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    Can you explain what your's do?
  10. Once they drink about five minutes in they start flipping around, scratching at their eyes and noses and screaming, then they will stop breathing and dead

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