Help - We need a letter writing Campaign for CALEDONIA CHICKENS

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    Dec 26, 2008
    Backyard Chicken Owners - We need your help!

    Letter writing Campaign to our Village Board NEEDED to support our backyard chicken movement.

    From comments we have heard from our town board, we believe they intend to stall our proposed ordinance as long as possible. We would like to encourage BACKYARD CHICKEN OWNERS to help us keep up the pressure on the entire board, particularly Ron Coutts a - Our Village Board President and Kevin Wanggard who is holding up the process in .

    If Ron keeps hearing about this, he will force Kevin to act on it.

    Their eMail addresses are as follows:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Please cc: [email protected]

    Letters should state reasons why this is a valuable ordinance. Our Village Board member is particularly concerned about managing manure and preventing it from getting into the watershed. It would be good if we can counter that issue. The other concern is that the village will start getting complaints from neighbors.

    The following proposal was submitted to the Caledonia Village Board on 10/4/08 along with supporting documentation of the benefits of the ordinance.

    Please email your support to both Ron Coutts (Village President) & Kevin Wanggard (legislative and licensing committee) - Unless we push for this change, we believe that Kevin Wanggard will sweep this under the rug.

    Thank you for your support!

    Patrick Flynn


    To: Caledonia Town Board

    Re: Proposal for new ordinance to allow chickens in Caledonia

    I would like to propose a new ordinance to the Village of Caledonia allowing residents to have up to 6 or more chickens. This would be very similar to the ordinance passed in Madison Wisconsin:

    The ordinance reads:

    Keeping of up to four (4) chickens, provided that:

    i. The principal use is a single-family dwelling.
    ii. No person shall keep any rooster.
    iii. No person shall slaughter any chickens.
    iv. The chickens shall be provided with a covered enclosure and
    must be kept in the covered enclosure or a fenced enclosure at all
    times. (Am. by Ord. 13,698, 9-29-04)
    v. No enclosure shall be located closer than twenty-five (25) feet to
    any residential structure on an adjacent lot.
    vi. The owner or operator obtains a license under Sec. 9.52, M.G.O.

    Propose same with the following changes :

    Up to 6 Chickens plus a clutch or part of a clutch for 8 weeks.

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