Help!!! What gender is this BR?

Its ok, thanks
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I am just going to let you know it sent me to the picture after the actual photo. I do believe it is a BR do you mine telling age? as of right now it looks pullet to me but as it grows if it has more white than black it is a roo. But I am going to stick with pullet right now.
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Its about 3 weeks old, sorry if its sending you to a different pic! I'm still new to this:/
It is ok I just wanted you to know but at three week I do believe it is still a pullet I have two myself and one looked like that and we thought it was roo too. But the some one sent a pic of his 3 week roo BR and he was white with black strips.
Thank you! I really hope its a pullet! We got this one and 4 one month old leghorn pullets from a family friend but they had NO information on the BR, thanks
I am also placing my bet that it is a pullet. Do you have a up close pic of the comb though? Her comb looks kinda flat, could she be a Dominique instead of a Barred Rock ? Especially since your friend doesnt know anything about it ?

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