HELP! White Mucus Substance from vent on Serama Hen - GRAPHIC PHOTOS


9 Years
May 2, 2010
Meadville, PA
Any idea what this could be? And, how to treat it? Today there was slight blood within her poo, but I'm not convinced it's cocci... I've had chicks with cocci, and it is much worse than what I saw... I cleaned her up today with baby wipes, and the white mucus stuff is back again...

I just read somewhere today about "gleet vent", as some kind of yeast infection? I've never seen it, or experienced it. But you can do a search and see what you come up with??

Is she laying yet? no chance of a broken egg?
SunnyCalifornia - That certainly sounds like it... and I was thinking of giving her yogurt as I was considering options earlier today... I ::think:: she is laying, but I separated her to so that I can keep better tabs as to if she actually is or not... I think I'll get yogurt tomorrow for her and the topical cream and see if I can attack it from that route... thanks for the info!
Vent gleet's most distinctive feature is it's sickly sweet smell. It is hard to describe but once you smell it you will never forget it. It is also very sticky. It can cause death so definitely treat it. You can do a search on here as I did but I wish I had gotten the nystatin earlier. I tried the yogurt and such but it was just too much for her along with other issues she had. Good luck with your hen.
I don't have any experience with this, but from dealing with other animals yeast was the first thing I thought of. If it has the symptoms welasharon says, I'd treat it with meds and quick because it's a fairly bad infection.

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