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Jul 10, 2010
I'm hoping someone can help clear up some confusing information for me!

I have a Redcap hen (about 1 year old) that has been on the Duramycin 10 since Monday (today is Thursday) for some kind of sinus infection (according to my google-fu). However, I don't feel like we are seeing the improvements we should be seeing so I'm worried I should have her on something else.

Signs: runny nose, goopy/drippy eyes, eye swelling (both sides), she stinks
BUT I have not heard her cough/weeze/rattle and her behavior is quite normal. None of my other chickens are exhibiting any signs.

Right now she's in her own coop with a dedicated food & waterer, getting 2 teaspoons of the Duramycin 10 mixed into 1 gallon of fresh water, daily. I was planning on running the full 7-10 day treatment.

I'm thinking she has Infectious Coryza but I'm not sure of the best way to treat it. Here are the options I've found:

  • Suggestions after the Sulfas are: erythromycin (gallimycin
    , or tetracycline (Aureomycin
    The tetracycline is the same as Duramycin, correct?

  • I have Corid on hand- but I don't think that is for Coryza

What should I do? Continue her on the Duramycin? Should I get my hands on some Oxymav B? Is there another antibiotic you can recommend?

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated, by me & my redcap!!

Thanks in advance!
I was really hoping someone could help!

She still doesn't seem to be doing any better. I realized I forgot to mention yesterday that her beak is changing shape. The top part is becoming curled. I also took a picture of her when I got home last night. You can see where her beak looks curved & how swollen & goopy her eyes are. I think that bit of black on her comb is from being pecked at by the other birds & unrelated.

Switch to a different antibiotic and put electrolyes in the water are you sure she is getting enough of the duramycin? Make sure the antibiotic is different class then one you have i.e. main ingredient tetracycline get a different antibiotic that doesnt have tetracycline. Also probiotics would be a good idea. This is just how I would treat her. I also use essential oils on sick chickens you can google essential oils for chickens.
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