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    I need some helpful sugestions on purchasing a poultry incubator under $200. Bucks... I used to have a older model Thermal Air Flow Farm Innovations Incubator, but got rid of it because temperature kept fluctuating ... I would like to hear from my fellow chicken lovers as to which Incubators work the best. I am tired of seeing my baby chicks die or hatch out cripled, because of a faulty Incubator...Thank You ...... [​IMG]
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    I like the Little Giant and the Hovabator 1602N. Both are cheap, flimsy pieces of junk but the Hovabator is a better cheap flimsy piece of junk. I own both and run them constantly, year round and they both work well for me.
    The HV has a plastic liner in the bottom that makes cleaning easier. The LG doesn't and that nasty hatching mess soaks into the styrofoam.
    The LG has vent holes between the troughs that allows rotten smelly hatching water to dribble out all over the table & floor when you pick it up.
    The HV has a more sturdy turning rack but if you pick either of them up loaded with eggs you're flirting with disaster.
    The HV rack motor is noisy compared to the LG.
    My LG has an electronic thermostat that maintains a reasonably consistant temperature. My HV has a wafer thermostat that allows the temp to go from heaven to hell and back.
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    Thank You......I was hoping someone would respond...I was looking at both of them on Amazon and the Little Giant had more bad reviews than the HoverBator....Its so confusing, when you think you found the right one, then you read the reviews and become more confused...[​IMG]
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    I have a Janoel 48 that I use mainly as a hatcher, but it might be worth looking into. Definitely easy to keep clean.About to start a duck egg hatch experiment, so will be able to comment on how well does as an incubator darning the next 35 days.

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    I have a little giant with the digital heat control it works great so far. I got it brand new for $140 it came with the egg turner. I bought a couple humidity and temp meters to know exactly where I'm at. It hasn't missed a beat yet and so far out of 42 eggs 8 were infertile the rest looks great. So I think it's the tools you use with these cheap ones that make them good or bad and with a draft free area they should do fine.
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    My Brinsea keeps the temps rock solid, even in the room with fluctuating temps. I just set it and forget it!
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    Go to and look at the Genesis 1588, I think it's the deluxe package that comes with the egg turner and it all ends up being around 200 with the shipping... they have a great warranty and respond quickly to issues if you have any... Genesis 1588 is digital and has a fan installed already... I have 2 and they are awesome!
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    I am sold on the Brinsea Mini Advanced. $189 on Amazon and everywhere else, too.

    I bought one last year, had a perfect hatch and really did nothing but sit back, wait and enjoy.

    I just bought a second one that arrived today!
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    I read reviews all the time and think most bad reviews are due to a bad experience from operator error rather than equipment problems. It's not rocket science but it takes a few hatches to get the hang of it. The biggest problem I see with people I know in real life is failing to keep the temperature stable. The bator gets too hot so they turn it down, then it gets too cold and they turn it up; they constantly tweak it then when they go to bed or leave for the day and it finally 116* They fail to understand that if it's set at 99.5 the temperature is going to range from 98.5 to 100.5 and when the heating element shuts off the temp keeps going up, and when the heating element comes on the temp keeps dropping so they jack with it till it's all out of whack.
    The best accessory I ever bought was a digital thermo/humidity thing called an IncuTherm. They have a memory that records the high & low temps. Spotting & correcting the hot spikes quickly is the critical key to success.
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    I have been reading the thread on the Incuview sold by incubator warehouse. Sounds like what I want next. $175.00

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