Help with breed colors of these birds?

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    I know the basic colors black white lavender, splash, blue but not sure what these guys would be? Any help would be appreciated because I need to find them homes and would like to know what color to call them. thanks!!! btw: they are not pure i don't think. They are about 5 months old

    This is my Bantam Cochin Rooster, I have two of them but they look almost identical

    This is my Silkie mix (Cochin maybe?) Roo, he is also Frizzle

    This is another Silkie mix Frizzle Pullet that I got with the one above so I'm assuming she's mixed with the same. She kind of looks like she would be 'blue' maybe?

    Ok now this is my Splash Silkie mix Roo. The question I have is What's that brown coloring in him? Is that because he was probably mixed with something else or do some splash birds have that??

    Thanks so much for your help and if I have this posted in the wrong section, I apologize! [​IMG]
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    Don't know what color he is??? BUT I REALLY LIKE Him!!![​IMG] Wish you were closer![​IMG] What am I saying I already have too many roos![​IMG]
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    Quote:The first pic is Crele and just say the others are crosses and say what the crosses are. There aren't any colors for those besides the crele.
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    The first two roosters are close to barred brown red or pseudo (false) barred brown red.

    The others are no particular color variety.

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