Help with breed/sex/color? (lots of pics) updated!

Mary Of Exeter

10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
Rowan County, NC
My little TSC chicks are teenagers now!

I know this is a Mottled Houdan, but is it a hen or roo?

OEGB Color?

OEGB Color?


Solved! Spangled OEGB Roo. 008.jpg

More pictures here:

Also, I do realize these aren't the best pictures. So I'm fixing to go outside again and take more, including close-ups of the head/comb
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NOT a serama. First of all, seramas are supposed to look like this: , and second, seramas are really rare. You can not order seramas from any hatchery. To chicken people who use the internet, seramas are common. Other people have never heard of them. You have to see them online to hear about, and then buy seramas. And since you are an internet person, other people on the internet see all these seramas and assume they are common, but of course they aren't. Most people that don't spend hours searching chickens online every day have never heard of them. If you compare the number of ordinary backyard chicken keepers who have seramas to the number that keep another "rare" breed, OEGB, then it is easy to tell. Sorry it is so long and punishing even though you just said it might be a serama, I just can't stand not to educate people about seramas.

You probably have an OEGB.
Thanks for the info
I figured it wouldn't be one, as I did know they weren't that common. It's just the only thing close I could think of. Maybe he's just a runt and the color is throwing me off, and that he really is a OEGB.
thanks. I agree with all your gender guesses if it helps any.

I am getting the feeling that people are includong the word "serama" in their posts for a sure way to get replies
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I agree with your guesses too.....

I dont know much about Houdans, but looks like a hen to me....its so hard to tell with those little "V" combs.....
Are they bantams? Cute!!
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