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  1. Grandma Mimi

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    Apr 9, 2016
    [​IMG] I had 4 chickens show up at my farm and a couple of them have this black stuff on them I need to know what it is and what I should do
  2. shanopaint

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    Sep 21, 2016
    San Antonio, TX
    could be pox could be pecking eachother. picture is not very clear. do more searches on the site because your question may already have been answered by another user who had a similar problem.
  3. Grandma Mimi

    Grandma Mimi Just Hatched

    Apr 9, 2016
  4. CuckooOrpington

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    Apr 1, 2016
    Looks like dry pox to me or simple pecking - do all the birds have it? If so it is probably fowl pox. If it is pecking, the head rooster/hen won't really have many scabs. Apply betadine to the scabs once a day. Also if it is fowl pox you will notice the birds get white spots before the scabs. Pox is introduced when the bird is wounded or bitten by a mosquito, it spreads slowly and is more common in warmer months. Dry pox, unlike wet pox, can resolve on its own but is uncomfortable for the hens. You can vaccinate your flock for dry pox to prevent further infection.
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