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I have 4 hens which I got last year as day olds :) and I love them! Anyway one of my hens become broody so I got her some fertilized eggs to lay on. I put them under her on April 17th so this Thursday would be day 20 or 21, not sure how that works. Last night I checked them and one had a tiny hole and I thought I would try to candle it this morning. When I did, I heard it chirping and I found another egg is cracked with a tiny hole, I can see a beak, I can hear chirping inside all 6 eggs. What should I do? Is it to late to wax it? Should I just leave them alone? Thanks for any advice,



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Hello, Don't wax them. If there is chirping and they have started to pip then they want to come out! Just leave them, but after 48 hours of them pipping if they still haven't hatched you'll have to help them out.
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Your chicks are busy hatching. Leave them alone and go sneak a peak under the hen tomorrow to see what they look like

ETA: Pip: The second stage of the hatching process. First the chick pips into the air cell, where it starts to breathe. That's when you can hear them cheep. After a few hours it will pip through the shell, so it can get more air. This is what you are seeing now. After a few more hours it will start "zipping" the shell open and finally it will emerge from the shell. It will be sopping wet and all floppy and clumsy and the cutest darn thing you have have seen. Enjoy them!
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