Help with feet problem, w/ pictures

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    Aug 18, 2016
    My rooster has swollen feet and his toes turned black. Thank you for your time.





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    Has it been cold where you're located? From the photos, it looks like he may have a severe case of frostbite. Here's a thread on how to prevent and treat it: Excerpted:

    Frostbite in the feet will become discolored and swollen if severe enough. If there is infection, the swelling will feel hot. In such cases the chicken will not be able to even move her toes or stand up. To treat frostbitten feet you'll need to wash them with lukewarm water. First, bring the chicken in from the cold but into the coolest place in the house so that she warms up slowly and doesn't burn up. Once she has gotten used to the warmth, wash her feet with epsom salt. Keep her isolated in a box with towels and lots of water. Healing can take anywhere from a day to a couple months. If your bird got frostbite bad enough and you didn't treat it early then, sadly, the frostbitten parts will shrivel up and fall off resulting in a lame chicken.

    Best of luck to you.
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    I agree, that is frostbite. The good thing is that chickens can sometimes get around after the loss of toes, but if there is loss of most of a foot, they have to have special care from then on. Frostbite to feet may occur in extreme cold, but when they get their feet wet or sleep on metal, it tends to cause more frostbite. Wet bedding, spills from drinkers, or getting wet feet, when the temps drop to near zero, you will see more of it. His toes may not fall off for several weeks, so you may not know the extent of it till then. Apply betadine, bacitracin, or plain neosporin ointment to his feet. Vetericyn is also good, but it is wet, so take care to keep him inside if it is used. Here is some reading about frostbite:

    and here are some good threads:
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