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    Sep 10, 2012
    I put 4 eggs under a broody. Two were my own stock (smooth feathered Showgirl hen and SL Polish-EE x roo) and two from friends (Lavender Orpington-Cochin Frizzle x hen and either SL Polish-EE roo or Barnevelder-SL Wynadotte roo).

    3 chicks hatched - two small, blackish ones and one larger yellow with brown striped one. I assumed the black ones were the frizzles and the yellow one the Showgirl x. (I have another Showgirl x that is also yellow. Both do not have naked necks).

    They are now 16 days old and the black one (middle, in the chick photo) is clearly a frizzle, but now the yellowish one is looking frizzly too. If those two are frizzles, then how did the little black one come from my birds. There is a possibility the father is my PB Japanese Black Tailed Buff bantam which would explain its small size but not the black colour.

    The yellowish one is not as frizzly as the black one. Because the Showgirl hen is 1/2 Silkie could that contribute to odd feathers in her chicks? The are definitely not Silkie feathers, more smooth, but also sticking up.

    I am also posting photos of the Showgirl and Frizzle hens and the Silver Lace Polish-EE x roo.


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