Help with identifying what these are and if they would make sex links.

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    Feb 6, 2008
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    Here is my neighbors flock. From what I can count there is one RIR or NHR rooster and about 25 hens, one buff, and the rest are barred rocks and white rocks? They all lay brown eggs so they have to be white rocks right? Oh yeah, and the two hens that I want opinions on below. And I only see the one rooster.


    What do you think this is, a silver laced wyandotte?


    Something golden???


    And then here is his bantams, no idea what kind although I think one of the roosters is a top hat?



    Will the heavy flock produce mostly black and red sex links? If fertile of course? And if those are wyandottes what would they produce, and the buff orp as well? Thanks so much.
  2. fancyfowl4ever

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    Well, that one hen is a Wyandotte, and with the red rooster should also produce something similar to black sexlinks. The barred rocks will definitly produce black sexlinks with that roo.
    If those white hens all have single combs, then yes they seem to be white rocks and if they carry the silver gene will produce some sort of red sexlink with that red roo.

    That one barred bird in the third pic looks like a barred cochin cross rooster(cute).

    The bird in the bantam pen seem to be a large fowl Easter egger rooster and a white crested black large fowl polish roo. Together with White cochin(possibly cross? all roosters from what i can see) bantams, a brahma bantam cross hen, and those 2 white bantams in the last pic kind of remind me of some sort of game bantam, I would almost say white cornish but they tend to be heavier.
    Can't quite make out the 3 bantams at the back of the 4th pic so I wont make a guess on those.

    Well, thats all the guesses I have for now.


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