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Help with Lethargic Baby Turkey

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by dermefel, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. dermefel

    dermefel Hatching

    Oct 18, 2011
    Lawrence, KS
    Long time reader, first time poster...

    I purchased some chicks at my local farm store yesterday and while there I noticed one of the baby turkeys had it's leg stuck in the floor of the cage they were in. So, I proceeded to help it unwedge it, and stood there watching it flounder around and the other turkeys continuously run over it on their way to the food and water. So I decided to bring it home and see what I could do with it. The leg is fine, however, it is extremely lethargic. I'm not sure how long it was stuck, but it did look a bit smaller than the rest. I have given it sugar water which it will drink some, but it falls asleep very quickly. We have been waking him up somewhat regularly to get more water and hopefully some food in him.

    Any ideas of what we may be able to do to get some food in him? I read about medicine droppers, but what do you suggest putting in them? I honestly didn't think he would make it through the night last night, but he did.

    Thanks for the help.
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  2. KrisH

    KrisH Songster

    not sure what it is called, but there is some sort of energy gell i have seen advertized for chicks like that. I will see if i can find a link...

  3. KrisH

    KrisH Songster

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