Help with my broody girl


May 25, 2015
Hi, I'm new to BYC. I have 5 hens about 2 yrs old. Last yr my Australorp, Winky, was broody for about 3 days. No problem. About 3 weeks ago she had the symptoms again of clucking constantly, fluffing up like a turkey and acting like the watchdog of the group. 11 days ago she started sitting on the nest constantly so I got out the broody breaker again and separated her from the others. In the same pen but up higher and on a wire bottomed cage. She has been very "pancake like" in the cage. She lies flat and is still eating and drinking some but clearly still broody. I take her out to mingle some but she goes right back in the coop to the nest. Yesterday I took her out to scratch around and she got into a horrible fight. I tried to break them up and I got clawed pretty bad. Now she acts like she wants to fight with a couple of the others. How long is this going to last?????? I sat her in some cool water twice yesterday to cool her belly but I don't think it's helping. I cant take much more of this constant moving her in and out of the coop and keeping her separate from the others. What else can I do???? I love my girls but this is getting to be a nightmare.11 days and still broody!!! Any suggestions?? (I don't want to hatch new babies)

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