Help, with my sick 12 wk coro. sussex chick

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    Feb 28, 2010
    Hello, I have a sick 12 wk old coro. sussex chick. At 8 wks the chick got cocchi, I had the state poultry guy out, he examined the chick and said it was cocchi, he told me to use sulmet. The chick was stumbling around, and could barely walk, after giving the sulmet for half a day the chick was fine, but I continued to give the chick the sulmet for 6 days like instucted by the state inspector. The chick was fine for 2 or 3 weeks, then it started having the same symptoms again. The chick has been stumbling around and can barely walk for about 2 weeks now. The chick eats,drinks, but seems very off balance. When the chick first started getting the symptoms back, I treated with sulmet again, but it did not help. Does anyone have any suggestions????
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    Dec 14, 2009
    So there is bloody poo again? Are you using medicated chick starter?
    Have you been giving a multivitamin? Or maybe vitamins and electrolytes in the baby's water? If there isn't bloody poo, it could be that a second infection---something else this time, has started. I guess it's also possible that the amount of cocci was so overwhelming that one course of antibiotics wasn't enough to take care of it.
    Good luck with your chick.
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    If there is bloody poo order or buy a bag of powdered amprol and start at normal dosage, if no improvement, you can safely double the dosage. I recommend first state vet supple, you can talk to Mr. Brown to confirm. While treating with amprol DO NOT give vitamins as it acts by making one b vitamin inaccessible to cocci, one which the cocci NEED and use more of than the chick. By dosing with vitamins during treatment you can render the treatment useless.

    If the poo isn't bloody, still start on amprol while you get in touch with state vet or Mr. Peter Brown of First State to decide an ultimate course of action. Amprol won't hurt, and may help, even if cocci is just adding to an underlying issue.

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