Help with pets eating eggs?


12 Years
Oct 3, 2007
Woohoo, i got my first RP turkey egg yesterday, unfortunately the cats got to it first :mad: I've heard the ole' hot sauce in a blown egg trick, anyone else have anything different? One of my students at school says lemon juice. I was getting upwards of a dozen eggs a day, now yesterday i got 1 (unbroken), and the day before i got 3. I would really like to relocate the cats, LOL, but until i get the coop finished and can put the birds in their proper places, i am stuck. Anyone have any ideas to help me?
One thing that worked for me was Bitter Apple. My dog kept eating the eggs and I sprayed some in his mouth and left some eggs out that were sprayed to bait him. He never touched another egg again. Bitter Apple is available in almost every pet store.
ahhmmmmm, i will take a peek
Thanks much! I got another turkey egg yesterday, apparently it was too tough to get all the way open, but they cracked it a bit. It's war now!
Our local petstore was out of bitter apple, said they'd expect it later in the week. I went with my dad's cure-all recipe of cayanne pepper, vodka and hot sauce. Whoooooooeeeeeee, i couldn't even mix it up without rubber gloves and a mask, it was strong. We filled 3 eggs and covered the ends with tape, and set in nests.
Next morning the eggs were gone. I told my daughter to bring me the cats with swollen eyes, LOL. Never found ONE that seemingly affected. We did it again the next day with 8 eggs and used candle wax to seal them. Same thing.
No cats, although one looked like she had the hot sauce mix smudged on her chin, no one seemed to be affected by it. I'm wondering if the chickens helped some. The last batch they left for a day and then they disappeared. Today, i'm back to 3 eggs in the nest boxes...grrrrrr. I can't WAIT to get my coop finished so the cats will be out and i will know the culprits. I have however gotten a few turkey eggs!
Actually, cats eating eggs is new to me! Are you sure it is cats? Not opossums or something? Are they leaving the shells?

Got snakes? Got dogs?

If it really is the cats, are you feeding them? Or are these barn cats that are supposed to live on rodents, and they're just hungry?

Cats love raw egg, its good for their coats and high in protein and I feed mine an egg every few days.

Cats don't break open egg shells, especially one the size of a turkey egg.

If the egg was cracked when the cat found it, the cat will eat it, but I think something else is cracking them open.
Once in a long while a cat will play with an egg if I leave it on the counter, and if it falls off and breaks they will eat it.

My chickens are the same way, if an egg is cracked they eat it like there is no tomorrow, but they never crack one open on their own. I thought for a few days I had an egg eating chicken problem but it turned out to be that a hen was laying from the roost, of course the egg cracked and they all ate it.

Since she stopped dropping eggs from the roost I've had no egg eating issues.
Apparently my animals don't know their not supposed to eat the eggs
I have seen both cats and chickens do it now. The hen got up today as i just happened to walk past her, turned looked at the egg and proceeded to peck it open and eat it and the shell.
I've also watched the cats jump into the nests, grab the egg and crack it with their teeth and then eat it, leaving the shell for the chickens on the next visit.
Yes i feed my cats, 2x a day, their not lacking, believe me! And yes i have dogs, one is kenneled and is with me when loose, the other 2 are small (even though they THINK their big!!) and cannot get to the nexts, no matter how much they wish to . No snakes here, at least not til late may/early june, and not where i live except garter, blue racer and rattles. I'll try the viniger thing tomorrow, i guess the trick i tried didn't last long enough

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