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Discussion in 'Quail' started by j262, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. j262

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    Mar 8, 2017
    Hello, I'd like a little help with the feather sexing. These 4 are about 4 weeks old. I'm fairly certain on the Italian Speckled ones. The Goldens are a little tougher for me.

    [​IMG]I believe this little guy, Saturn, is male. He's the smallest at 122g.

    [​IMG]This is bicycle and I'm leaning toward male, as well. He has vision issues and always tilts his head when he looks at you. He also cannot peck at an individual dried mealworm and get it. Have to give him a big bowl so he can't miss. He needs glasses. I should have zoomed this one, but he doesn't seem to have any speckles on his chest, just a very light golden color. This guy weighs in 3rd at 155g

    [​IMG]This shy one is Grape and I believe this one is female. It's the goldens that I'm having trouble with. I feel like Grape has more speckles, whereas Bicycle above, doesn't. She is second biggest at 218g

    [​IMG]This is another shy one and I'm 99% sure is female. Her name is Cork. She is the biggest at 235g

    I read somewhere that females are bigger than males usually, so my theory of what their sexes coincides with this. I am really hoping I'm wrong and the only male is the little guy, Saturn. Would make my housing issue much easier. I'd like to get just a single hutch. They are indoor pets. But if it is, in fact, 2 of each, Is it better to pair them up same sex or opposite sex? I'm assuming it is 100% out to put them all together with 2 roos and 2 hens? Thoughts on sexes and housing would be so appreciated. Also, would it make sense that the two shy scaredy-quail ones are female and the 2 that are moe social with the humans in the house are male?..or is that just individual personality.
  2. Diesel81

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    May 1, 2016
    I'm not sure if you can sex those varieties by feathers, I don't have a lot of experience with those varieties. I'm sure someone here knows though. Yes, males do tend to be smaller than the females, at least in my experience. I have Tibetans, and I have three things that I can look for to help with sexing. One is size, but that doesn't always work. Two, wait to catch them crow, it usually will happen between 4-5 weeks old. The last is, to vent sex, it may seem intimidating, but it's actually easy with quail. You can find great videos that show you how to do this, which would be better than me trying to explain it. As far as housing, if you do have two males, and females, you may run into trouble with the roo's fighting. Unless you have something like a chicken coop style enclosure, with tons of space, it's usually better to keep males separate. Normal male to female ratio, is something like, 1 male to every 3-5 females. To the last question, my females, are very friendly, and not really scared of anything. My male on the other hand, is a complete spaz, and is afraid of everything. LOL So that might just be more individual personality.
  3. JaeG

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    Sep 29, 2014
    New Zealand
    I just found a website that said male Manchurian quail will have brown facial striping, females black. That's the thick line that goes back from their eye, round the back of the head, and curves down over their cheeks. They can be very hard to sex due to females often completely lacking chest spots.

    It would be best, if you end up with two of each sex, to house them separately, and choose the gentlest, sweetest male for conjugal visits if you ever want to breed them.

    They are gorgeous birds - I love the golds.
  4. rita2paul

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    Aug 31, 2011
    they are really pretty birds, i also have some that colour which are now 5 weeks old, just so hard to know how to sex these colour bird. i think i will have to wait until i see them crow or a bulge under the tail.
    good luck.
  5. j262

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    Mar 8, 2017
    Thank you!! I'll keep an ear out for crowing.
  6. j262

    j262 Just Hatched

    Mar 8, 2017
    We heard the smallest one crow today. It was not a crow I heard on videos. Haha. We thought one of them was having diarrhea or something. Then we saw him do it and it still sounded like that. A kind of deep gurgly crow. Maybe he needs some practice. [​IMG]

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