Help with sexing chicks, much appreciated.

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    I need some tips on sexing 7-10 week old chicks, i have a rough idea. But at this age am i looking for combs, spurs, pointed hackle and saddle feathers, leg thickness and head width??? I will put up some pictures later tomorrow on a separate thread of the chicks. It's just that I'm helping a friend out sex her chicks and she has no idea and i have a bit of an idea and she said any help would be appreciated but wasn't sure if any of the changes i named above would be noticeable on 7-10 week old chicks or if there are any more changes that would be present she has 18 chicks so i can compare them with each other which is always easier.

    Each person will get a free thumbs up if they can help me
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    Yeah, yeah, no need for bribery LOL

    At that age I look at combs mostly. Some breeds have very distinct colouring that makes sexing easier at a young age, but the combs are usually a give-away. They won't grow spurs until they are much older, so no point looking for those! And I've seen hens with some quite impressive spurs, so I won't rely on that one.

    Post some pics over in the What Breed/Gender is This section so we can have a look. Nice clear head shots would help.
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    I agree with sumi. I had a chick that looked like all the other chicks except for its huge red comb. He didn't get his hackle or saddle feathers for a long, long time but his comb was a dead give away. He was about 8-10 weeks old in this picture.
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    At this age hens will have more developed feathering and minuscule combs. But Roos will be scruffier and have much mor developed combs
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    [​IMG]One for you.
    [​IMG]One for you
    [​IMG]And one for you

    Thank you all, so at this stage I'm just looking for comb size really with the hens having none-some comb and males having quite a bit of comb. I hope i can do a good job helping my friend will get a few pictures up tonight hopefully. The chicks are just a jumble of things with the rooster being a wonderful assortment of colors and the hens being some either EE's or really bad Faverolles as they have not got 5 toes and fluffy feet but do have puffy cheeks(like an EE) but no colored egg gene, I'll get some pictures of them though as well.
    Thanks all again. CluckCluckLuke.

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