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I've mostly finished my new coop. It is 3.5' x 4.75'. It is going to house 4 birds, 2 black sex-links and 2 Rhode island reds.

I live in the midwest.

For ventilation I have a 4' Ridge vent from home depot. and were the roof meets the walls are 1" x 54" gap on each side.
Is that good?

And trying to decide were to put the run door. Out the side or through the floor. If i put it through the floor how do i stop a updraft in the winter? Side doors i can hang a plastic cover over.

Run is going to be partly under deck and house and partly out in yard.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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I'm not an expert, by any means! But I'd think you need more ventilation.
I'd also put the door out the side, but that's just because I can't figure out a good way to put it in the floor:/

I think it is a very attractive coop!
If it were me, I'd put a vent along the bottom of the side away from the house. This would allow cooler air to enter in low, creating some circulation to allow the hot air to escape out the top. I'm not sure where you'll put the nesting boxes, so that option may not be available. I'd put the vent about four to six inches above the floor so the litter on the floor doesn't get stirred up or scratched into the vents. Remember, you still want some circulation in the winter, just limit the wind blowing directly on the chooks. A grill over the vent will keep the wind out while allowing air in. Also, I'd put a regular, closing pop door over the door to the run that can be closed at night. That limits predators from wandering into the coop at night. The neighbor's dog is a pet, so long as it stays in your neighbor's yard; in your yard it's a predator. There are many designs for a pop door on this site.

Nice coop and good luck!
Nice coop. As for ventilation, provide 1 square foot per bird. it's important to keep the humidity down and the ammonia from the poop vented out and, of course light.

Even it very cold climates ventilation is important and especaiily in the winter to prevent frost bite. To cut down on drafts add the vents on the sides that don't get the prevailing winds in your area. Though now absolutely necessary, chickens do like to look outside, so maybe consider cutting a window into one of your doors?
The amount of ventilation depends on your ambient humidity, number of birds and how clean you keep the coop. If it smell like ammonia you need more ventilation or clean up poop more often.
Here is the mostly finished coop. going to add a window and a vent but they seam to like it. and have no problem going up and down.

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