Help- Wound on hens back pics included -graphic

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    Oops forgot the message...

    We just found her, she was limping around and I picked her up to find this huge wound on her back that stinks. Think the worst wet dog smell you have ever smelled and multiply by about 100.

    The skin is peeled off and it looks like there is muscle damage. It is still slightly bleeding. I don't see any broken bones. She is now calmly sitting in a plastic tub waiting for me to find out what to do. I did rinse it off with water.

    Should I trim the feathers away? Should I cut the peeled skin, it is already dry so doesn't look like it would attach back.
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    Pretty bad, are your asking for ideas to help?
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    maby a hawk tried to take the chicken.
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    yes, I posted the pic, and then went to work on title and hit the enter button and it posted the message... [​IMG]
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    After you clean the wound (use Betadine or a good wash) sew up the wound (you can use regular needle and thread) then apply Neosporin (without pain relief). I've sewn up many hens that were far worse. The smell however concerns me. That usually indicates an old wound that has started to rot. I've also dealt with that and you would need to throughly clean the wound. Use some hydrogen peroxide if there is old rot/gangrene looking infection.

    The skin is usually still there, just pulled away from wound, and can usually be stretched and stitched back in place. When sewing her up, lay her on her side and cover her head with a towel and you will be amazed at how calm she will be. I've sewn up many hens whose backs got ripped wide open by roosters and I've rarely needed anyone to help hold them. They are amazingly calm and it doesn't seem to hurt them and everyone has recovered 100%. I now put chicken saddles on my hens.
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    Wow, that's pretty bad. Clean it well for sure, and put her on some heavy duty antibiotics. You could try something new too that doctors have been using on patients with rotting wounds. Find some maggots and place them on the wound. Then bandage it. Maggots will only eat the dead flesh, so when they're done, there will only be healthy living tissue that will heal. Rotting tissue will not heal and will increase the risk of severe infection. Good luck, let us know what happens!
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    tazcat70 I must be crazy!

    Ok I have her in a quiet room now, with electrolyte water. I have not put any meds on her back yet.
  8. tazcat70

    tazcat70 I must be crazy!

    Ok should I start treating the wound first or treat shock first?

    Where do I get the antibiotics? The vet or tractor supply?

    I am concerned about sewing the skin back on. If, from what I am reading the smell means decay and rotting, then should I really try to sew it back on? Or should I do like they do on animal cops with an embedded collar and that is remove the bad flesh and let it grow back together?
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    Your feed store should carry something. Terramycin might work, and yes the feed store will carry that. Baytril is better and that's prescription only.

    Try the maggots... they'll get rid of all the dead flesh for you. No need for potentially dangerous surgery. Seriously, as long as the wound is kept clean they won't hurt her. Plus, surgery on her back could be fatal.
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    My chicken was attacked by a hawk and her skin was gone...we
    have been giving anti biotics and pain shots(from vet) for weeks.
    the vet cut off the feathers and cleaned the large wound, but did
    not sew heals on it's own. I know NOTHING about chickens,
    just passing on what happened to mine. Keep clean with wound
    cleaner....just pours on....good luck. If I had to sew it up...there
    is NO way on earth!!![​IMG]
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