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Mar 13, 2018
Hi all, I live in Elgin Texas in Travis county.
Elgin is a farm town, many of the stores here sell chicks and farming equipment, but in our particular subdivision our HOA says no fowl or poultry..
We have 2 very sweet Cochin hens that we have as pets, my youngest daughter is special needs, mildly autistic and has learning disabilities.
She does not bond with other children, she greatly struggles with her emotions but she has bonded with these chickens unlike anything else.

I understand why HOA rules are in place and I mostly enjoy living in a community with an HOA but these chickens are family and very well taken care of.

I would like to write a proposal for a variance to our HOA, can anyone help and has anyone had any luck doing this
Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

Sorry, I don't now what that entails...

But I would consider getting a letter from the doc and maybe registering those birds as emotional support animals.

You will need to address how the noise will be handled and also rodent control is high on the priority of many city's. Chicken owners often leave their feed out all night and "compost", both of which not only attract rats but also allow them breed out of control by having a constant unnatural food source available.

I don't personally approve of breaking the rules we already know exist, like you say "for a reason". But awesome that you are trying to get it right! Good luck and best wishes. :fl
I doubt any HOA is going to look down upon an autistic child, can you imagine the backlash? I'd also say to get them registered as emotional support animals and make an appeal if need be. Two chickens aren't going to hurt anything.

Any news on the result from your letter? I'm in the process of writing mine to my town and would love to know how it went for you.

I live in El Lago, TX, and there are ordinances against backyard chickens here as well. A woman I know is trying to get a variance on her property so she can keep her birds which are pets. Ultimately, I would like to see the whole ordinance changed, but getting a variance is a baby step. I would love to know how your situation turned out. If my friend gets her variance, we will request one as well, while continuing to work to get the ordinance overturned.

Let us know!

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