help Wry neck!!!


7 Years
Jul 26, 2012
we have a 14 week old speckled Sussex which I believe has Wry neck. She started showing symptoms about a week ago after being picked on by an older chicken. We seperated her and started treatment on her pecking wounds but started to notice she was having trouble standing up. Then she started twisting her head until it was completely upside down. Approximately 3 days ago I started giving her poly-vi-sol along with electrolyte and probiotic water by syringe 3 times a day. At most she gets 1 tsp of liquid at a time, she wont take any more. She is not opening her eyes and she is not voluntarily eating I am forcing small bits of scrambled eggs in her mouth. Don't know what chances she has a surviving and could use any suggestions you guys have. She no longer stands up and is not open her eyes anymore will swallow on occasion when I syringe feed her liquid. Just breaks my heart but she keeps hanging on with no change each day :(
I was just reading a very interesting thread about the treatment for wry neck a couple days ago and will pass that link on to you. There seems to be some success with treating it for someone willing to put in the time.

There are several other threads on BYC dealing with wry neck (also known as crook neck), you can find them by using the Search box in the upper left hand side of your screen.

Good luck to you and your SS girl (we have a few of them in our mixed flock and they are the sweetest chickens)!
Thank you I read that article but my girl seems even less's so hard to get anything in her

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