Help Yoshi! Sneezy, yawning, pink poop, quiet


10 Years
Jul 10, 2009
So. California
Yoshi is about a month and a week old or so....he was a class pet for my brother and very mom decided to put him with some of my sick chicks because "He'd be fine." I freaked out and put him in a seperate cage, but it's too late! He doesn't seem to have the exact same problem as the other chicks though. He is sneezing a lot and yawning a lot too. His poop is a varied shades of pink. He is eating and drinking but the normal little chick who paced the cage front to get out sits on a little towel now with his head tucked close to his shoulders and stays very calm and quiet. The only birds he has had contact with are (perhaps wild birds) the two very healthy parakeets by cage front and the sick chicks who are all quite active (except one who stands still all day with droopy wings and closed eyes, sometimes gasps for air, weezes); they are all sneezing a lot without runny noses most of the time, only a couple have hoarse voices, their poop is fine, and they are active flying around the cage and play fighting and running after one another. Yoshi still flies and runs around, but it seems like a chore to him rather than fun.....what happened?
He has also been outside for the past few days only during the day with my supervision when I pull weeds.

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