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    Hi Guys-Its me again.

    Heres the little silkie boy is showing signs of chicken conjunctives. Hes a few months old and has just got his adult voice but he is not fully grown. 99% Hes a little roo and happens to be one of my favourite silkies at the moment.

    A while back one of my Speckled Sussex roosters 'Romeo' had the infection of chicken conjunctivitis. Lost his eye to it and even with vet treatment the infection still returned. He happens to still be with us..once my 4 little silkies graduated the brooder they were put outside in a different pen. They were still pretty tiny! So I figured why not put our calm but protective rooster Romeo in with them just until they get a bit bigger..Success that was; All 4 are now safe with the big flocks and the rooster Romeo is back to his own pen.

    A couple of weeks later I happened to be refilling the ducks and ducklings pool up when Nemo walked up to me. His left eye looked funny so I quickly finished refilling the duck pool and got Nemo. Sure enough he had a watery eye and had the slight stench of Romeo due to the infection Romeo has got. The first thing I thought was " Nemos caught the same infection as Romeo" DARN, I now regret putting the rooster in with the 4 silkies.

    I quickly bathed Nemo, washed his eye out and smeared Aloe Vera onto it and I have been doing it for a week every day and night, buts its NOT improving. I checked on him today and his eye lids are swollen, he stinks more now and his eye Is watery and watery pus is in the corner of his eye.

    However, he is still happy and content and does every thing that he would usually be doing. But I really need help to fix him!

    Please if you have any advice, or experience can you please help me out? I want little Nemo to recover from this before it gets worse.



    EDIT: Guys, please give me some advice. I really do not want my little boy to get any worse. Even if you just recommended a type of medicine to help him get better; Anything will be good advice!
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