Help! Younge pigeons , relocate or no?


May 25, 2015
I'm currently at work and on a balcony there is a box with two moderately sized baby pigeons, the box was smushed in and will probably be either destroyed or thrown away as it is a construction site. Should I take the box home and release them when they are ready or leave them to possibly loose there nest or be crushed ?!

Dusty Chicken

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May 3, 2010
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My Coop
My Coop
Last summer my sister rescued 2 squabs from a construction site. She had hoped to rescue the mother with the babies by returning late at night to see if she would return to the nest. Unfortunately the mother did not return to the nest. She hand feed the squabs for several days & when they started eating seed she brought them to my house. We have had a wonderful time getting to know them & watching them learn to fly. One of the pigeons still spends time at our house. He has a mate that he recently met & brings her by for a dinner at his feeder.

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