Helped Out Hatchlings ***Graphic Pics*** -- (Another UPDATE)

Lamar Estate

8 Years
Mar 3, 2011
St. Paul, Minnesota
Holes 48 hours after they pipped internally but not externally:


4 out of the 5 after 3 of them made it out of their shells:

Should this look like this?
The duckling that left this behind passed away this morning:

Brooder set-up:


This little one is still absorbing its yolk. It is in the incubator:

Tired and weak ducklings:




I needed to move the incubator for a moment, so I placed it in the bathtub. Beaker wanting to know why there isn't any water in her tub:
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I have had to help quite a few of my Muscovy ducklings out... they're just a pain in the butt when hatched in the bator.

I have had some with yolk to still absorb and I usually can take a peek by their belly and see if there is any or not. If there IS, I usually leave their butts in the shell and wrap them in a warm damp cloth and leave them in the bator. They Need to absorb the yolk and it usually doesnt take long for them to do it. If you do break them away from the yolk sac i have noticed that they either dont make it or they're weaker than the others, it takes their "belly button" longer to heal up too.

also, those ducklings are ADORABLE
The shell the one that didnt make it came from looks pretty normal - being that it was an assisted hatch. When they hatch completely on their own it may have virtually no redness to the colour inside.
The little perky one looks good- keep going with the vitamins as often as you can with the others - even though it looks like you have to wake them up to do so. I read on the other thread that they could have the crested gene- but if its not that causing them delays - vitamins will help. Turning on the back can be a sign of either vitamin deficiency or brian issues due to the hole in the skull. Although they have the yolk in the belly- they were late hatching and if everything was normal they would all be up and running around eating and drinking by now- keeping fluids up will help them to gain strength.
First off
Lamar Estate. Like duckyfromoz and others said The crested gene is a problem in itself. By your pics it looks like you also rushed the hatch. In your second pic that looks like a normal membrane not a shrink wrap Thats also why you have yolk sacs and adds to the weak duckling part. I know its hard but next time try to let nature take its course (even in the incubator)
But for these babies already out everyone has gave you sound advice. Keep them warm and hopefully they will eat and drink for you. I hate sounding like the bad guy here.I truly do. I very rarely disagree with ducky (she knows her stuff BTW) but if I look in that egg shell in pic 4 I see yolk in the bottom with a blood string attached. Excellant pics like these help all of us help one another with problems.
Congrats & Good luck with the little ones
well I'm off to lock down mine. I'm not to thrilled, not very confident in this hatch. Last night I candled there really wasn't any movement.
The membranes were misted with warm water. In the pictures, they had dried off a bit but were still a bit soft from the misting. They were originally papery and very tough.

The coaching from duckyfromoz was invaluable. None of the ducklings would have made it if it wasn't for her. However, I now know that I jumped the gun. I peeled off too much, too fast. It's all my fault and I feel just sick about it.

Two ducklings are doing pretty well. One still falls over constantly. The last one is still slowly but surely absorbing its yolk.

I hope the best for 123duck.
Hopefully, that one that is still falling over will still get better. If it does have some neurological problems, it can still survive with special attention. This might mean that you have to supervise it when it's swimming or around water, for example. Or, possibly feed it by hand.
Dont beat yourself up
Looks like some are gonna make it. Some dont make it even when you do everything perfect. Have fun with them fluffies

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