Helping a pullet with splayed leg preen her feathers...???

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    Howdy... So, I got this little Lavender Orpington chick given to me at about 2 days old. She had the splayed legs and I didn't do the brace correctly. She is about 3 1/2 months old and is happy as can be, runs everywhere with the others and even picks herself some little chicken fights with the other girls (3 cochin bantys, 1 barred rock and one americauna). Anyhow, she also has her back toes going forward to the side so she can't roost properly,, stretch her legs unless laying down etc. I help her to the roost which is actually a couple of 2x4's nailed onto a shelf. She lays in the shavings behind the roost part, while the others are on the roost.. Anyway..

    My real question is: What is the proper way to help her preen/comb/brush her tail feathers? She can only do her wings, breast and anywhere else she can reach while layng down to do it. She cannot reach the tail and fluffy butt, so the tail feathers just look stuck together...

    Any advice?



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    Well if she can't reach the tail area, sounds like your going to have to do it for her. I use a toothbrush with a little coconut oil to maintain my chickens feathers. And if her feathers are getting stuck together; you would need to get warm water and get the feathers unstuck.
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