Helping Broody hen with water and food!

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  1. I think we all know how Broody hens really take a beating on there body trying to sit on and care for chicks. I wanted to share some photos on how I tried the lighten the load to give her access to water and food during her hard work. Enjoy!
    A1583456-3707-4397-B998-BA9B6387580F.jpeg 488A0DC0-8A85-4EBC-8CC1-E8827F0BEF2E.jpeg A22D05B8-DE3C-4518-9298-F99EAAE86789.jpeg
    D747EA5B-6105-4212-A20B-CBF4ABDB4041.jpeg 6ACDC8E1-CB42-4BF1-B33E-8CC3CF12E531.jpeg C95E1103-8565-4111-BC66-86BFDE64D236.jpeg
    And of coarse Mr friendly wanted to stop by and photo drop
    70B065B1-155B-40AB-8E9B-A0DA440CAD72.jpeg I really enjoy how HN makes watering so easy

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    Easy access to feed and water once chicks are hatched is a great idea. When hens are setting it is important that they leave the nest periodically so that they do not defecate in the nest and contaminate the eggs.

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