Mar 25, 2018
I've got two broody hens, one went into mama mode once the eggs started to hatch and the other is all about the eggs and doesn't care about the chicks. I have moved Coco (the mama hen) and chicks into a separate section of the coop so they can be together. Gucci the other hen is still on the eggs and one more hatched, she doesn't care (is not talking to it at all) but it's under her and she doesn't seem to mind. I will be moving the chick in with the others once it's dry and then there is one more egg to go. If it hatches of course, I mean 7/7 would be cool but I was thinking that both hens would go mama mode rather than just the one.

The acting mama hen is a silkie/polish cross, there are 6 chicks which are all going to be big. The roo is likely a Brahma mix (he's huge) and the egg layers were my 1 Buff Orphington and 1 Australorp.
I have the new family in a separate section of the coop with chick feed, water and chick grit. I'm not sure how much I can do to help since she's really protective and doesn't like me fussing about in there. I'm a little concerned that once the chicks get a bit bigger she won't be big enough to keep them all warm. Should I add a heat lamp on one side like a normal brooder? Is there much more I can do to help her out?


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Jul 16, 2015
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You will not need a heat lamp. After the first week or two chicks don't go under the hen much, nor need much supplemental heat. Your hen will do all the work for you.
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