Helping chick out who hasn't pipped?

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  1. Hi - We are on Day 25 here. All the chicks hatched a little late, one on day 23 and the rest on day 24. Two eggs left. Nothing from one egg, but the other is chirping when tapped, and has been chirping since yesterday. But no pip.

    i'm a little worried as it is so late. i'm not afraid to help a chick who has pipped, but have never intervened before a pip.

    So . . . advice, please. Has anyone helped a chick out who has not pipped?
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    You can open a small hole on the air cell end just be careful when you make the hole not to hit the chick. I did it once when all the others had hatched. It did great and it was the smallest egg in the batch. Now its running round with the rest of the chicks. But it is up to you have you candled it?
  3. No, i haven't candled it. But i can feel it moving inside and chirping.

    Would i be candling to see the position?
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    Candling will let you see if the chick is pressing on the air cell. It is up to you if you want to try to help. I opened a chick late similar to your situation and found out why it didn't pip or hatch... It had a neural tube defect and every time it pressed, it's brain pressed on the shell... Exencephaly.

    Good luck!
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    It might be fine but if your worried you could candle really quick and see where it's at. Just make sure to keep the humidity up in the bator so it won't dry out. You could give it a few more hours then decide if you want to help.
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    I would help it at this point. At day 25, a few more hours might be crucial. Pip the end with the air cell, at least then adequate oxygen can get in, then peel back little by little, stopping if you run into blood. There is a great thread on it somewhere.

    IMHO, day 25 is a gamble anyway. Yuo may get a weak chick, but if you dont do anything, you'll prob get no chick.

    Good luck!! Ill keep my fingers crossed.
  7. When i have picked it up, i hear tapping and chirping. i see a spot on the shell that looks like a possible pip, but that spot has been there since yesterday.

    Ah, what to do, what to do!
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    Last night I had a JG and a cochin egg that hadn't pipped, starting day 22.
    I took them out and heard nothing from the cochin, I pipped the air cell and nothing....poor little thing had already died.


    I heard peeping from the JG but decided to pip anyway, just in case.
    I pipped just to allow oxygen in.....I did see a little blood but I had no intentions of going any further than pipping anyway.
    This morning it pipped the opposite side of my pip and hatched about an hour later.
    It's doing fine now. [​IMG]

    I wish now I had pipped the cochin egg earlier.

    If it were me, I'd at least pip.....this way, it can get oxygen in just in case it takes it a little longer to hatch.
  9. Bad news! i cracked the egg open and out came a perfectly formed little showgirl, but dead. Just an hour ago she was chirping like mad. i waited too long.

    Thank you so much for all the good advice.
  10. BantyChickMom

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    Sep 25, 2007
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    aaawww, that is so sad


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