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    Aug 29, 2013
    I watched as about 20 of 30 chicks died taking the expert advise to leave them alone and not help after the peep hole was made. I decided on the next 20...I would play chick doctor. I understand now that I likely allowed my children to open the incubator way too often to peep in themselves and lowered the humidity in doing so.
    That said....the first three I tried I only had one live of three.
    Then!!!! I took my time. I opened the peep hole to the air sack area of the egg. I did so with a small nail and only as slow as I figured a chick would unzip the egg. This takes patients. Try doing about 1/4 inch every 15 mins. Once the area or top of the egg is opened, you can trim with sharp scissors down to the membrane. Notice where the chick peeped. Most of the chicks are dying because they cant breath! Sometimes blood will pool where they broke the membrane. Some will inhale the slime as the wing usually covers all but the end of their nose. And, really take note if the membrane has turned dark brown and dried over the chicks beak. If you tear the membrane it will bleed! But, don't fear! God gave chicks clotting vitamin K at birth it seems. Try to allow the membrane over the chick to dry which will force the blood out of the membrane. If blood appears slow down! But, expect a little. Remember how much blood there is in human birth too. Allow each area to clot or stop bleeding before tearing more. Remember you are trying to tear only the area just above the air sack line.
    If you are still with me, it should have taken you an hour or two to get to this part. The last thing I do is use a paper towel with warm water and gently rub the membrane away from the chick. I NEVER tear the membrane below the air sack line.
    Soon your chick should unfold it's wing and pop its head out.
    Now STOP! WALK AWAY and make sure the chick is warm for the next hour. Some chicks will need this time to absorb the yoke. At this point the chick is OKAY.
    Out of the next 17 eggs (I did in steps) 15 came out fine and dandy. 2 apparently were never going to make it anyway .

    Overall, I do say let nature take it's course when possible. But, for you anxious soon to be chick mothers and fathers out there....this can work. All 15 plus the other 1 made it and grew. Only my son' failure to water the chicks a couple days posed future health problems. We solved that by running a pvc pipe to all cages and can turn on the water for two mins to water all the birds.

    Good luck...and let me know how it goes.


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