11 Years
Jun 1, 2011
Okay so it's day 23. I candled yesterday to see if one of my 10 eggs are still alive. It looked fine looked just like it should on hatchday. There is NO movement, pipping, peeping. But when i candled they looked alive. Should i help them hatch? Or leave them be? Or is it too late? Thanks

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The temps in your incubator may have been too low, so it might take a few extra days for chicks to hatch...if you are seeing movement, I would say to hold out a little far as helping them, I'm not sure. I wouldn't help them, but someone else might tell you otherwise.

Good luck! I hope that you have success!
I would leave it alone for about 3 more days, but don't wait too long because the eggs will explode in the incubator. Never help chicks from their eggs.
Well the eggs failed to hatch. But this went from a hatch to a mystery, and i think i know whats wrong. I've hatched turkeys before in the same incubator, same way of hatching except i hand turned. The chicks developed all the way to hatch day but fail to pip, they even fail to get into the air sac, i noticed they had the yolk hanging out of their belly, it was the same exact way as my turkey eggs. And i never measured the humidity, i believe that is my problem

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