Helppp sick thin chicken!

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  1. matt215pa

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    Mar 5, 2014
    Hi I have 3 chickens. the one that is sick is the oldest one. I went in there and notice she wasn't walking well and her poop was green and watery. compare to the other two that are younger there heavier and she's really light for some reason. she can't walk very well and it seems that she threw up a few times. I saw on here that people also suggested to feed and bits of cat food that was dry and i did and she started to be more active. the other two are perfectly fine so I didn't know if it's because she's around 7 years old and she just has a protein deficiency so she got thin. Or shes thin and dying because shes old.. Im in pa and the winter was horrible but now starting to get warm again. but its been 2 days of her being sick so worried. and it feels like a gooshy bump on her chest i couldnt feel that on the otherones. is thst because the weigh more so its kind of hidden? and with her i can feel it because shes super thin? Theres no vets around me for chicken! help! thanks Matt

  2. matt215pa

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    Mar 5, 2014
    and she keeps leaving the coop nd sitting by herself outside in the sun
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    Alright- the first thing is to check her beak, nostrils and mouth- are they really runny? Do her eyes look different? Is she listless? Those are signs that she is sick.
    You did say she is 7, and that's pretty old for a hen, but there are others that have lived several more years. That bump on her chest is her crop, or the place where they store food before it enters the stomach for digestion. Keep an eye on it- it should feel firm, but malleable- if it starts feeling too squishy, or too firm, or the hen vomits a bit when you massage it, then it may be a crop impaction- there's a lot of advice in the Emergencies/Injuries/ Diseases and Cure section of the forum
    If the flock starts bullying her, it may be best to bring her inside for a few days to keep a closer eye on her- a chicken in the kitchen isn't an unusual thing around here!
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    i've lost some birds like this and discovered that putting them on duramycin for a week has helped, i suspect i am dealing with MG here- but given her age, it may be she is getting up there in years. I'd try with the duramycin, can't hurt her
  5. matt215pa

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    Mar 5, 2014
    her eyes look the same shes just sits there and sleeps. but she ate the meal worms and dry cat food but she did throw up liquid throw up which sucked. so I stopped feeding her and was going to check tomorrow and maybe it is a crop impaction because it felt like it was filled. like a big tumor. ill see tomorrow and look at the other forum to look around thank you.
  6. weasel killer

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    Aug 20, 2013
    Good luck
  7. Kazfam

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    Aug 15, 2013
    Impacted crop:

    In mature birds: distended, sour-smelling crop filled with feed and roughage. The crop feels hard when pressed between fingers. Emaciation.

    If you suspect impacted crop, administer two eye-droppers full of mineral oil (NOT MINERAL SPIRITS!) by forcing an eye-dropper down the chickens gullet, and massage the hard lump between your fingers to soften it up and help her pass it. Repeat if necessary the following day. If the crop remains hard and the chicken appears distressed, then you may resort to the above treatment (cutting open and removing blockage) or take it to a vet.

    Hope this is she today?

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