Hemorrhage in my baby's butt!!! Graphic details!!!

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    My cochin Kashi has been acting weird the last 3-4 days. Losing feathers, no appetite....the works. i picked her up

    today. She has lost a good 3-4 pounds and she's tiny as is. I noticed the area around her ******** was scabby and

    swollen. I put some gloves on and reached up and there seems to be a very warm mass or maybe a soft egg

    membrane....she is in pain, i can tell by the way she walks. is there anything i can do? put vaseline up there to

    make it come out? try to pull it? Thanks guys!!!
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    Yes. If you feel an egg, what I did was use alot of olive oil on my finger, and try to coat around the edge that meets the skin. I would try to work it loose for a minute or two, then give her a break. After the 4th time, it came out.

    Some give them a soak in warm water.

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