Hen’s strange eyes


Feb 8, 2018
Hi I’ve just adopted an ex battery hen from a rescue group. My girl (called Lavender) is in good health now, thanks to the rescue lady.

Lavender talks all the time, eats well, and has settled in well with the rest of my flock.

My question is about the pupils in her eyes. They look strange - both of them. She can see. There are no obvious blisters, swelling, redness or damage round her eyes. They just look weird.

Rescue lady thought she was part blind but Lavender has no issues other than cosmetic.

She’s full of energy. But her body looks like shes been worked hard. Her comb and feathers are dull looking. Tail feathers look trimmed off.

Any thoughts about her eyes pls? Just curious, as she seems robust and healthy enough.
Are you certain that she can see well? Many things can affect the eyes, such as high ammonia odors from poop in the coop bedding, vitamin E or A deficiency, cataracts, past exposure to avian encephalomyelitis, Mareks, and injuries from pecking or trauma. Ammonia toxicity can cause ulceration in the cornea (the colored area.) Glad that you have rescued her to a food home.
Thanks Eggcessive for your reply. I’m glad too she has a good home now. We love her to bits. She has a great personality. She comes when she sees me. I put treats a fair distance from her and she finds them. I move things around and she finds her way around. That’s why I ask. Maybe she only has part vision and is soldiering on.

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