Hen (18 weeks old) Lame / Drools / Foul smell / coughs / eyes shut

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    Aug 4, 2010
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    Our poor hen has been looking sleepy for a few days now. First noticed she was sitting down 3 days ago with droopy eyelids while other chickens were okay seemingly.. We were keeping her in the barn in a cage with others. Weather here has been really REALLY in the triple digits here in Louisiana! She was laying over the next morning getting walked on a bit. We took her out and she flapped all over with her eyes closed. She sits in a corner now b/c she'll fall over her legs seem crippled and arthritic . She is not eating or drinking. Just wants to sleep all the time. Eyes look okay. No response to me talking or making noises. Pooped once in 3 days (very liquidity with a spot of white). Now she's smelling bad and coughs. I think the pushing her legs on the ground might mean she's in pain. She not noisey at all! (just will cough very loud)... No vaccines were given to any of the chickens (about 30). However she has been confined away from the others just in case. Any reply no matter what you must say will be very welcomed. Thanks for your thoughts / assistance!
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