Hen acting like a rooster (very aggressive)


9 Years
Jan 17, 2011
My alpha hen (rhode island red) was very aggressive with me this afternoon. She is usually docile with me. Today she came up to me during their free time and started pecking my shoes and jeans. I picked her up and helf her firmly under my arm , she looked up at me for a while then I put her back down with the others. Then she went after my son in the same manner. I shooed her away and my son and i went to go sit on the patio to watch them for a while. She paced the patio a few times, watching us. I dont think she wanted us near the rest of the flock.

We found her behavior very strange. They are over 1 yr so we know she is definatly a girl, but she was aggressive like a rooster. This isnt her usual self.


In the Brooder
8 Years
Jul 30, 2011
Belfast, ME
That's funny because all 3 of my girls will some times surround me pecking at my shoes and jeans, jumping on my back. some times the top of my head and generally "talking" away. I just figured that was "normal" RIR behavior. I have zilch experience with hens so just assumed they are acting normally. When I pick them up to sit on my lap (only one at a time fit), they settle down and make little soft clucking noises. If this behavior is "aggressive" then I have 3 wild girls. I love that about them also that they follow me around and definitely talk to me. I can tell when they are unhappy, say the weather has been bad and they can not go out or angry (the squirrels have been too close to their pen, or happy (the sun is out and they are going to go out in the yard). I have had them from age 3 days and assume I am "Mom".

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