Hen acting like rooster


12 Years
Jan 10, 2008
Guilford County, NC
Ever since I lost my rooster, One of my hens has "taken over".....down to attempting to mate with the other hens!!! now I know she is a she..I have had her for two years. Not only is she doing this, but she is also broody. She gets off of the nest, eats, and "mates" with the other hen, then goes back to the nest. Why is she acting like this???
Mine isn't broody but she's crowing. Been told because of the lack of a roo.
I have hens and rosters! When i only had hens i didn't have this problem but when i got rosters, a few hens started doing that. Just haveing a roster around but not with them can confuse them. They will even start brooding if there's a rooster near.

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