Hen acting normal but is breathing heavily


Jan 11, 2018
Hi all! So I’ve got a 3-year-old Lavender Orpington named Phoebe. Really lovely hen. She’s been acting herself, eating and drinking, normal poops, active, clear eyes and nose, normal weight, but I notice that she is breathing quite heavily. Her mouth is only slightly open and I don’t hear any wheezing, but I can hear her breathing and it’s a bit faster than normal. She didn’t molt this year (at least, not yet) but otherwise she’s been acting okay. Is this something I should worry about or treat for? Or is it nothing? Thanks in advance for any answers and happy holidays!
Hmmm...if you are in the Northern hemisphere, I would expect you to be in winter, so I can eliminate panting due to being too warm.

She could pant from over excitement if some other hen is hazing her, but generally you hear a bunch of drama with it, of which I am not picking up from your post.

I would then suspect some bronchial inflammation which could come from bedding dust, DE, or even CRD from MG. CRD (chronic respiratory disease) is caused by an infection with Mycoplasma gallisepticum, a bacterial infection that is incurable but controllable with antibiotics. It acts like chicken asthma and will appear upon weather changes and stress.

Definitely support her with some extra TLC. I've used elderberry tincture droppered to help, plus Vet RX rubbed under her chin could expand her airways.

My thoughts.

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