Hen acting Sluggish


10 Years
May 15, 2009
Everyone of the hens seemed fine this afternoon. Tonight I went out to the coop to secure everything and one of my hens was on the perch but her head was down and she had one eye closed and the other open. She is 14 weeks old. I can not tell you about any poops. Her eyes are not watery, nose is not stuffy. I don't hear any funny sounds. She does fell warmer than the other girls. She let me pick her up and thats not like her. I separated her from the others. Made her as comfortable as possible. Does anyone have any idea of what this could be and what is the treatment.
Need a little more info -- read the thread below -- and tell us what the poops look like after you have had a chance to observe them. Also tell us what she eats, including the feed, treats and does she forage.


And here is a poop website to help you evaluate the poop:


One possibility is cocci. Probably the first thing to do is give live culture yogurt or other probiotic; can't hurt, and will help a lot of problems.
Her coop and run are very clean and ventilated. She is eating grower pellets with a treat of scratch now and then. They do free range for about 2 hours a day. Fresh water all the time and DE in their dust bath. I did give them some bok choy from the garden today. A few plants had started going to seed.
watch the droppings..then post to describe..color and consistency

watch the eye..see if it gets mucus..
watch for more symptoms..

check completely head to toe (including bottoms of feet) for any wounds

keep warm and out of draft.
Hi Sammy.....thanks for the information. She seems better today. No discharge from her eye. She is eating well and I gave her a little scrambled egg to make sure she was getting enough nutrition. Her poops are normal. She is still separated and none of the other chickens seem affected. I checked her over from head to toe for and injuries bites or ticks. Nothing. Could she just be having a bad day? Maybe she ate something that didn't agree with her when she was free ranging? Breathing is normal. I guess she will be fine tomorrow or she will have other symptoms if she is coming down with something. Thanks again.

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