hen acting weak dark colered comb???


9 Years
Mar 4, 2010
I have rode Island reds .One of my hens is acting real weak. She is about 9 months old. her comb seems darker and smaller that the others her same age. Her comb is somewhat purple color.
A dark purplish comb may mean there is fluid building up in her abdomen from a reproductive infection and pressing on her organs or could mean she has some sort of heart insufficiency. How does her abdomen feel? Has she been laying? Any other symptoms?

I lost a Delaware pullet once as she was coming into lay. She had always been smaller than her sister, but seemed fine. One day I found her sitting and her heart was beating a mile a minute. The next day, she was dead. We did open her up and one chamber of her heart had just imploded, most likely from a defect. Coming into lay put too much strain on it, we think.
Thanks, for the help. I did loose her today. she was unable to walk. I did not feel anything different about her abdomn, although i probably would not know what to look for. Now just worried about the others and if eggs are still ok to eat. Other seem fine and health anything preventitive you would recommend doing. Thanks agian
If it's just her, doesn't seem anything contagious, probably an internal malfunction. Hens go through lots to lay an egg every day. Sorry you lost her, but if she didnt have any respiratory symptoms, it's probably an isolated thing.

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