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Jun 24, 2021
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Help! My 1-year-old hen is acting weird. She is the roosters favoured hen and started molting but then the roo came in and she is still looking bad after at least 3 months. Yesterday I went to feed them and found her lying in the corner of the run looking off. I fed the other hens but she still didn't come. She did run away when I came closer. Today I found her sitting on the dust bath and she seemed to be staring at nothing. She didn't notice me till I caught her. She started flapping her wings and a wing feather and a few other feathers flew off of her. I really don't like the state she is in. I let her free-range around our backyard. Also, some of the other hens do have mites ( I'm treating them of course) but this particular hen is mite free (Well I'm not exactly sure if the mites don't hang around at night). Is there a way of getting her feathers to grow faster? Thanks!

Please help! Today I've found her standing in the sun her tail between her legs. I really don't want her to die. Should I separate her from the rest of the flock? Should I give her vitamins?
Could it be heat stress? I dumped her legs in some water and she seems okay. She pooped and walked off to stand in the shade. Here is a picture of her poop. ( she doesn't have diarrhoea I just examined it ) I just want to be sure she doesn't have internal worms.

Here comes the picture

( sorry for the gross pic )

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